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Have you ever dreamt of wanting something so badly that you can't imagine doing anything else? Mine was to be a wedding gown designer and I didn't stop dreaming until it became a reality. Every achievement and mistake I've made has allowed me to realize my dream.

After 7 years of designing bespoke custom wedding gowns under the Partina label (, here is my collection of maternity wedding dresses that I hope will bring every expecting bride the joy and fulfilment I received when designing them.

Thanks to my beautiful husband who inspired me to design maternity wedding gowns. He is my backbone, support, lover, business partner, positive energy and best listener.

Together with Lawrence (my husband and co-founder) and our team, our maternity wedding dress collection has been a labor of love and a real team effort from everybody here. We are very proud to launch this collection and most definitely value any thoughts and comments from our customers, like you. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback or suggestions you might have. Just send an email to tina [at]

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you are as inspired as much as I was when I designed it.

bisou Tina